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Planning a city trip to Tenerife soon? Let the fun start today! Our free travel guide will tell you which sights to see, where the best shopping spots are and which local specialties you should definitely taste. Our guide is also packed with practical information and tips about public transportation, local habits, weather conditions and more.

Please note: due to corona measurements, opening times, prices and other specifics may temporarily be adjusted, while making reservations for visiting some sights might be mandatory.

Here are some tips from our travel guide to Tenerife. You can download the full guide here.

1. Pico del Teide

El Teide is the largest volcano of Spain. It should normally erupt every 100 years but the last time already dates from the year 1909. El Teide measures 3,718 metres above sea level. You can go up by car, a bus or by means of the cableway. Once at the top you enjoy a spectacular view. By the way, it is completely safe to get up the volcano even though it may seem otherwise when you look at the pictures.

2. Masca

Masca is a former pirate village that can only be reached through a ravine. This cosy mountain village is quickly forgotten by tourists - undeserved, because Masca is not only a fun village, it also has amazing hiking paths. You can even walk until the sea. However, that trip is not for beginners because it takes 3 to 4 hours and is constantly downhill. If you arrived here by means of public transport, you can take the boat to Los Gigantes (dolphins can be spotted sometimes!) and from there the bus to Playa de las Américas.


3. Churros de pescado

Churros de Pescado is a  fish brochette that is breaded and fried. It is traditionally eaten with garlic sauce. This snack is very tasty. Churros de Pescado is served in most local restaurants.



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