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Planning a city trip to Rome soon? Let the fun start today! Our free travel guide will tell you which sights to see, where the best shopping spots are and which local specialties you should definitely taste. Our guide is also packed with practical information and tips about public transportation, local habits, weather conditions and more.

Please note: due to corona measurements, opening times, prices and other specifics may temporarily be adjusted, while making reservations for visiting some sights might be mandatory.

Here are some tips from our travel guide to Rome. You can download the full guide here.

1. Villa Borghese

This beautiful park was once the property of the powerful Borghese-family. It was originally a vineyard dating from 1580. The Borghese-family later expanded the domain into its current size by purchasing other estates and vineyards. That was possible thanks to the influence of Pope Paul V, who was related to the Borghese-family. The park accommodates a number of amazing villas and museums, but also fountains, sculptures and gardens. The park is relatively quiet compared to the busy centre. So, the ideal place to enjoy beauty, tranquillity and nature.


2. Pantheon

The original Pantheon was built in the year 27 B.C. Unfortunately, it was completely destroyed during a huge  re. In the year 80, one hundred years later, Emperor Hadrianus had the temple completely reconstructed during which it got its round shape. Since that time, the Basilica was devoted to Saint Mary and the martyrs. Even later it became

a church, ensuring for the building not to be demolished – something that was done to other non-Christian temples. Even today, it still serves as a church. If you want to have a look inside the Pantheon (which is actually highly recommended), you have to be dressed appropriately. Bare arms and legs must therefore be covered.


3. Galleria Alberto Sordi

This ‘galleria’ is a true recommendation if you are more into shopping malls. The beautiful, neoclassical interior and glass ceiling will make your shopping experience unforgettable. The galleria is located at the Piazza Colonna.




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