Beach holidays: cheap flights

Sometimes you just want nothing more than a beach holiday. Sometimes you just want to get down on your towel, surrounded by a billion sand grains and sipping from a delicious dry martini. Get a neat-looking tan, finally make some time for books that have been on top of your list since forever, and cool down in the sea every once in a while.

For you sports fanatics, a beach holiday might have a lot more to do with catching waves on a surfboard, truly discover the depths of the ocean wearing diving goggles and a snorkel, or be awesome at other water sports, so you can just leave it all behind for a bit. 

Doesn’t that sound like a great beach holiday?


Cheap flights to the beach from Brussels Airport

Do you love the Spanish costas? Did you lose your heart at the French côtes? Or can’t you resist the Moroccan, Turkish or Greek beaches? Wherever you may roam, Bruxx makes sure you get there at cheap rates!

Choose from more than 20 beach destinations and already start enjoying that journey you’ve been dreaming of.

Don’t forget to check out our citytrips, sunny- and hiking destinations as well. And while you’re at it, discover our cheapest flights at the moment! 

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