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Don’t you just love to go on a city trip and get away from it all for a bit? Just hop on a plane and surrender to a city spiked with history and culture?


Bruxx’s citytrips through Europe: almost 50 destinations

Experience ancient Greece in Athens or explore the Roman Empire and Vatican City along the Tiber shores. Do you usually spend half of your planning time on finding exquisite restaurants? In that case, don’t hesitate to take the next flight to Copenhagen or Naples

Alternatively, you could always book a citytrip to cultural treasures such as Vilnius and Krakow, the latter being world heritage and the historical centre of Poland.

Choose out of almost 50 destinations from Brussels Airport and discover Europe through Bruxx’s cheap citytrips.


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Take a look at our sunniest destinations. If you’re more of an adventurous explorer, make sure to walk over to our hiking destinations.

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