Enjoy the sunshine

Cheap beach destinations make ideal holidays

Are you rather fond of warm sand beneath your feet, bright sunlight, refreshing waves that endlessly splash onto the shore, a summer breeze that makes the heat somewhat bearable and beach vendors who seem to be everywhere selling ice cream and towels?

Well, you’re in luck. Because right here on Bruxx, you’ll find flights that take off from Brussels Airport and take you to cheap beach destinations.


Wonderful beach destinations throughout Europe

Whether you prefer Spanish costas or French côtes, here at Bruxx you’ll find a wide range of attractive destinations for your beach holidays. Would you like to get a neat tan on Mallorca, build sand castles in Nice or make a night of it on Ibiza?

Make a choice out of more than 20 amazing destinations and dive into a pack of great beach holidays.

On Bruxx.be, you’ll always find the cheapest flights departing from Brussels Airport. Find the destination you’ve been looking for and enjoy the trip!


Got about enough of the beach, but still crave for the sun? Discover our sunny destinations!

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