Car Sharing Brussels Airport

Brussels Airport wants to further expand its role as an intermodal hub for the many passengers and commuters and the wide region around the airport, thereby helping to find a mobility solution in and around Brussels.
Car sharing is one of the many solutions that we offer to move you quickly and easily to your next destination. You like to be at the wheel yourself, but you don't often need a car? Then, car sharing is the solution for you!

  • Easy: Reservation 'on the spot' and always available in your area
  • Cost-effective: All-in formulas* (Charging/fuleing, park anywhere, insurance,…) & fixed rates, no extra costs, you pay when you use the car
  • Eco-friendly: fewer cars on the road, fewer traffic jams and lower CO2 emissions

Car Sharing at Brussels Airport

There are currently 2 car-sharing operators between Brussels Airport and the Brussels Region & Antwerp.
You can find them in the 'Car Sharing Zone' in Parking P1 – Fast Zone (3rd floor).

logo DriveNow

Flexible driving pleasure with a BMW or MINI of your choice

Download the DriveNow app and reserve your car, which you can pick up / return in Brussels.

How to use DriveNow at Brussels Airport?

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Exclusive offer at Brussels Airport:

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Your choice, your freedom with our environmentally friendly and stylish cars

Download the Poppy app and reserve your car, which you can pick up / return in Brussels or Antwerp.

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logo Poppy

* Conditions may vary per operator. More info via the links above

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