Flying with children

Playing at the airport

Children playing in the Kidscorner


Let the kids let their hair down before the flight at the "Play&Care Kids' Corner" at Pier A! They can have loads of fun with various games and gaming consoles in the Kids’ Corner. Looking for a quiet space? Then head for the baby care unit, where you can breastfeed your little darling, change nappies, warm up the baby’s food, or have him or her take a nap in the playpen.

The flight information display will tell you when to head for your gate. You can also use the free WiFi and free app, and opt to receive notifications.

Located in Pier A, the Kids’ Corner is open round the clock. Walk past Tintin’s rocket and you will find the play corner on your left-hand side. Time to play!

Airport Games

“Moooomm, daaad, how much longer do we have to wait?” is not something you’ll often hear in our airport, especially not when passing by gates A32, A60 and B29. Thanks to our brand new airport games such as Follow the DJDJDJ, Pump up the Voluma and Copy king Conga, the kids will be dancing so intensely they will surely be out like a light when in the air.

Are you about to hop on a flight to Africa? There is a fun game zone for children right after passing customs at the end of Pier A (gate A/T 70). Going somewhere else? No need to buy a ticket to Africa, because after 2pm, the game zone is free for anyone to enjoy.

And that is not all, because thanks to our partnership with SOS children’s villages, waiting at the airport means fun quality time with the family. Take a look underneath your feet next to Bar Rouge (from gates A26 to A39) or challenge someone to a game of foosball.

Give in to our dynamic games at Brussels Airport. And by the way... parents are free to tag along ☺ Click here to get a taste. -

Advice: Brussels Airport offers several safe playing areas and possibilities, we ask not to let children play on passenger conveyors nor baggage carousels, which are most definitely not suited for a similar purpose. It’s an accident waiting to happen.

Childeren playing airport games
Family eating

Food and drinks at Brussels Airport: tasty children menus!

Playing all day sure makes you, and especially the kids, really hungry. That is why the airport offers tasty children menus in several of the airport’s restaurants and bars!

Arrivals hall
Tavern Hi!Brussels
Fast-food restaurant Quick
Pier A
Cozy Italian restaurant Amo
Sandwich restaurant Panos
Self-service restaurant Belgorama
Fast-food restaurant Quick
Pier B

Do you have baby food that needs warming up? Not a problem, we’ll gladly help you out at any of our food courts. Do you prefer doing it yourself? Then you are welcome to use the microwave at Belgorama (Pier A), Bistrot (Pier B) and Exki (departures hall and Pier B).

We also remembered the little ones. Because a great many of our restaurants have baby seats, so they can enjoy some delicious treats as well.

Changing tables

Want to quickly change your baby’s diaper before the flight? Don’t worry; there are changing tables at the women’s bathrooms in the entire airport. Take a look at our maps to find all bathroom locations.

Gift and other shops at Brussels Airport

Have you seen that big blue stuffed animal from the smurfs? Or were you completely blown away by our Belgian icon Tintin’s rocket? The Gift Shops in Pier A and B have all of it in store: from Lego and Playmobil to Lilliputiens and Noukies, the kids love ‘em.

Shopping in a toystore
Travel documents

Travel documents for children

However young they are, everyone needs to posses a valid passport or identity card when travelling. This applies to both in and outside of Europe.

Children flying alone

Don’t those little rascals grow up fast? Already at the age of 5, children are allowed to fly as an unaccompanied minor. Are they younger? Then they need to wait it out, since children younger than 5 years old need to be accompanied by an adult (18+).

Travelling pleasantly and safely go hand-in-hand with clear procedures and a strict ID check. Which is why we ask you as a responsible parent or guardian to transfer the unaccompanied minor to the airport’s personnel when checking in. It’s also important to state the details of who will pick up your child upon arrival. They won’t be left on their own, that goes without saying. The airport personnel and cabin crew will permanently accompany your child(ren) both before and during the journey. This is even mandatory for children between the ages of 5 and 11.

From the ages of 12 to 18, the rules differ depending on the airline. Some airlines simply do not allow 12 to 18-year olds to travel alone. Inform yourself in advance to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

If the airline does allow this, children aged 12 to 18 years can only travel alone if they have written permission to do so. Usually, the town hall in your municipality will provide you with a standard form which you, as a parent or guardian, must sign. If your municipality does not have such a standard form, you can also write an authorisation yourself.

Want to know more? Contact your airline.

Children travelling alone
Baby sleeping

Flying with the youngest ones

No one will be forgotten at Brussels Airport, which is why we make the way to the airplane as pleasant as possible for babies as well. Your baby won’t be getting a separate chair, but travels along on your lap. Some companies use special baby chairs, but these are only for babies above the age of 2.

Want to find out more about flying with babies? Contact your airline.

Do you like to know which way to go in advance? Explore our maps and be fully prepared.

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