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Security and border controls at Brussels Airport

Safety first, a powerful principle that also applies at Brussels Airport. That is exactly why we take our security screening very seriously. At the airport it is compulsory to have your tickets, hand luggage and check-in luggage checked and have your travel documents at hand. When you travel outside Europe, there will be border controls. We would like to give you some additional information on these controls.

How does a security screening work?

Do you have your boarding pass at hand and is your luggage checked in? Then the security check or screening area is your next stop. At the entrance to this area, you are expected to scan your boarding pass yourself, after which you will proceed to the screening platform.

To make the security check go as smoothly as possible, we ask you to place the following items in the tray: metal objects such as keys, mobile phones, coins, wallets, belts, liquids and gels in a separate plastic bag, laptops and tablets (take them out of their bag or case first), jackets, vests and your hand luggage if you are carrying them.

After the security screening

After the screening, be sure to gather all your belongings. Now you are all set to go on your journey! After the security check, turn left if you are departing from an A- or T-gate. If you are departing from a B-gate, turn right after the screening. Are you flying to a destination outside the Schengen zone? Then you will first pass through passport control.

The border control at the airport

When you travel outside the EU (outside the Schengen zone), for example to Egypt, Morocco or the United States, you must first pass through passport control. Here, the federal police will check your travel documents.

Who can use the automatic border control?

You must be over 12 years of age, have an EU passport and be flying from gate B.

Do you still have questions? Ask BRUce or contact us via Whatsapp. You will receive an answer as soon as possible.

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