Security screening

You have your boarding pass at hand and your luggage is checked in? The security check or screening is your next stop. Your boarding pass is scanned at the entrance of this area after which you proceed to the screening platform.

In order to have the security check run as smoothly as possible, we ask you to place the following items in the tray: metal items such as keys, mobile telephones, coins, wallets, belts, liquid and gels in a separate, transparent plastic bag, laptops and tablets (first take these from their bag or cover), coats, cardigans and hand luggage.

Check whether you have all of your possessions back after the screening. You are now ready to go on your journey! Departing from an A or T gate? Go to the left. Departing from the B-gate? Please go to the right after having passed the passport check zone. Are you flying to a destination outside the Schengen area? Then a final identity check awaits you at the passport control booths.

Border Control

Are you flying outside of the EU from or to our airport?

When arriving in or leaving the EU, you have to pass through passport control where the federal police will check your travel documents. You can use our Automated Border Control gates to speed up the process.

Who does this apply to?

You have to be older than 12, in possession of an EU passport and fly from gate B. This video explains how to use Automated Border Control.

Airport info

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