Need to park your car at Brussels Airport?

Parking at Brussels Airport

Smooth travel to Brussels Airport

Brussels Airport can be reached in various ways. You can get to the airport by car and park in one of the car parks at the airport. You can also come by public transport. Taking the train to Brussels Airport, for example, is an ideal way to start your holiday in a relaxed way.

Finally, you can reach Brussels Airport by bus. Here’s an overview of the options:

Driving to the airport by car

If you choose to drive to the airport yourself, follow the traffic signs from the Brussels Ring Road in the direction of Zaventem. Be sure to take possible traffic density during rush hours into account.

You can find the airport in most navigation systems via POI (Points Of Interest). As an alternative you choose the junction A201/Vilvoordelaan in 1930 Zaventem. This junction is at the beginning of the access road to our airport.

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Use the Brussels Airport car park

Brussels Airport offers custom parking formulas all year round, 24/7. Travel comfortably and park across from the airport building, where there is space for over 10,000 cars. A bit further on there is room for 2,000 cars at a cheaper rate in the Discount car park. A free shuttle service provides a smooth connection to the airport.

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Brussels Airport’s kiss & ride zone

If you want to drop someone off at the airport you can do this at the free drop-off zone. Follow the signs from the access road A201. From the drop-off it is barely a 5-minute walk to the airport building.

More about our drop-off zone

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Travel to the airport by public transport

Do you also like to arrive at the airport relaxed and ready for your flight? Then choose to travel to the airport by public transport.

Travel to Brussels Airport by bus

The bus station is located on level 0, where 20 bus lines of De Lijn are ready to take you to and from the airport. The use of these buses is free for everyone on airport grounds.

STIB offers a fast connection to the European quarter in Brussels. STIB buses leave from platform C.

In addition, there is the Brussels Airport Express that runs between Antwerp and the airport from early in the morning. This bus leaves from platform B and serves the Koningin Astridplein stop in Antwerp. A stop at the Crowne Plaza stop is possible on request.

The Flixbus offers bus connections from and to various cities in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Germany. The BlaBlaCar provides a connection to Lille. Both buses park at P16, next to the drop-off.

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Travel to Brussels Airport by train

Travelling to the airport with public transport

No less than 80 cities have a direct train connection with Brussels Airport, with one to two trains per hour. On the connection with the centre of Brussels, there are even six trains per hour. When buying your ticket, you will find our station under the name Brussels Airport – Zaventem.

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