Luggage and travel documents

What do you bring in your luggage and in your hand luggage?

The weight you are allowed to check in as hold luggage depends on the airline company and travel class. The maximum weight is always mentioned on your ticket.

Tip: Don’t forget to properly pack fragile items.

Do you need a wheelchair or crutches to get to the airplane? Every airline will let you take them on board without a problem. Parents with children up to the age of four are allowed to take a foldable pushchair up to the gate. This will then be placed in the hold of the airplane together with the other luggage.

In addition to your hold luggage, you are generally allowed to bring 1 piece of hand luggage, besides your handbag. Keep in mind that this bag or suitcase must be able to fit into the lockers of the airplane. You can take liquids and gels in bottles of maximum 100 ml, packed in a resealable and transparent bag with a content of maximum 1 litre.

You will find more details on this page.

Which travel documents do you need?

Depending on your destination, you need an identity card, passport, visa and/or vaccination certificate. Before booking your flight, please inform yourself about your visa application and procedure to ensure you have it on time.

Tip: For children without an identity card, a Kids-ID is mandatory. You can apply for this ID in your municipality or city.

If you travel as a resident of a European country such as Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and France to the United States, you don’t need a visa but ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) instead.

Make a copy of all your travel documents and keep travellers cheques, regulations, etc. separately. An extra set of passport photos may also be useful.

Are you flying outside of the EU from or to our airport?

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