Baggage services

Take a look at the following information about our baggage services in order to facilitate your trip.

Baggage reclaim area

All baggage, both for Schengen and non-Schengen flights, arrives at the same baggage reclaim area. The monitors show which baggage carousel has your flight’s bags. Your airline’s reclaim service will take your baggage from the airplane to the baggage carousel.

Airlines and baggage reclaim

The monitors above the baggage carousel show the status of your luggage:

  • A green bag means: baggage is on its way to the carousel
  • A red bag means: the baggage is no longer being delivered to the carousel
ruim bagage

Baggage not delivered?

Has your baggage not been delivered to the carousel? The monitor shows you which reclaim companies handle the luggage from which flight.

Contact the listed company in question; all of these have an information desk within the reclaim area.

Lost & Found

Aviapartner: 0032 2 753 77 07
Brussels Airlines: 0032 723 23 45
Alyzia: 0032 78 48 07 84
Plattegrond aankomstzone
Airport info

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